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Dear prospective land buyer,
The agent or realtor you work with could greatly affect the success of your land purchase. A wrong agent could misguide you into buying the wrong property.
Below are 5 things you want to look for before choosing an agent to work with.

  • Availability and Accessibility: If an agent takes forever to respond to your messages, chances are that they would ghost you after the land purchase. Look for agents that are prompt in responding to calls, emails, and inquiries demonstrating a commitment to your satisfaction.
  • Transparency – If an agent’s profile picture is hidden, that’s a red flag already. Work with agents that accept a video call and are willing to share their profiles with you. An honest agent should be willing to disclose additional undisclosed fees on land before land purchase. Always settle for an agent that puts your interest more than his commission.
  • Experience and Expertise – To avoid headaches, work with an agent that has a proven track record of success in the local estate market. Be free to ask difficult questions and wait for their response. An experienced agent is familiar with these complexities of a land title and can guide clients through each step of the transaction, reducing the likelihood of errors or oversights.
  • Understanding of Your Needs – Don’t settle for an agent who is always in a rush to sell to you. Find one that knows your needs, preferences, and goals and is ready to address your concerns to your satisfaction. A good agent or realtor won’t pressure you to buy a property that doesn’t fit into your budget and preference.
  •  Reputable –  Check online for the reputation of your agent. Visit their facebook, instagram and linkedin profiles to see their posts and what others are saying about them. Agents that have built a great online profile would most likely be honest enough to protect their brand from negative feedback.

As a pro tip, prepare a legal agreement that outlines clearly the agent’s services and commission. In the future, such documents could protect your interest and safeguard you from problems or disputes that may arise in the future.