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4 important land titles in Nigeria

Dear prospective land buyer,
Don’t settle for any available land that fits your budget. ALWAYS ask for the land TITLES.

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Not only does a land title provide legal proof of ownership, but it can also affect the resale value of your land and the access to loans.
Below are 4 common land titles and their meaning.

  • Deed of Assignment – This document is used to transfer all title, rights, and interest of ownership of the land from a seller to the buyer.
    The key components of a deed of assignment include:
    Parties involved
    – Description of the property
    – Price of the property
    – Covenants or warranties
    – Signature and Notarization
    – Date of Transfer.

    Another similar title to the deed of assignment is the deed of conveyance which is used to transfer the ownership of a property which already has a legal title.

  • CofO – Known as certificate of occupancy, this title is an official document issued by the government in Nigeria that certifies a person or organization as the legal owner of a piece of land or property.
    One major benefit of obtaining a CofO is that lands with such titles can be granted loans easily when used as a collateral.

    It is best to verify the claim of a land with CofO because some individuals forge CofO so they could sell off their properties faster.

    Even though it is considered as the almighty title, it could still be revoked by the government when it is issued to the wrong individual.

  • Governor’s Consent – The governor’s consent is a legal title that shows the government acknowledges the transfer of a land with CofO to a buyer. So a land can have many Governor’s consent with one CofO.

    This is yet another good land title. Lands with such titles are highly priced and with the Governor’s Consent, the risk of government intervention or claims on the land is significantly reduced.
  • Gazette – A land with a Gazette as a title shows that the government has excised the land back to its original owners or community. The official publication from the government that conveys the rights back to the indigenous land owners is known as the Gazette.
    A land containing a Gazette is a great title.

How about a registered survey?
Registered Survey isn’t viewed as a title but an essential process to obtain other legal titles.

A Registered Survey is a survey plan duly registered with the appropriate government authority, usually the Surveyor General’s office or the relevant land registry.

It contains useful information such as:

  • Property Description
  • Boundaries and measurements
  • Surveyor’s certificate
  • Date of survey
  • Registration information.

Always settle for a land that has verifiable titles. Work with a good property lawyer to verify the legitimacy of the land titles.

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