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5 reasons to own a land in an estate in Nigeria

While it is true that buying lands from individuals may sometimes be affordable, having land in an estate offers some mouth watering benefits that you may have overlooked.
Below are 5 reasons you should consider having your next land in an estate.

  • Better Resale Value – One thing that increases the value of a land is scarcity. And plots within an estate are usually limited. When an estate is developed and plots are sold out, interested land buyers can pay a huge sum of money just to get a plot inside an estate. We’ve seen cases where plots bought for 2m-5m are sold for 10m-15m within a period of 2-3 years. Land banking investors can get faster returns on investments from purchasing lands in an estate.

  • Security – Not only are most estate lands free from government acquisition and land grabbers, the estate itself provides security to residents.  Many estates often have controlled access points, security personnel, and surveillance systems, enhancing overall safety for residents. 

  • Proper Documentation – Many estate companies provide legal representatives that offer proper land documentation for their clients so you don’t have to hire a lawyer to prepare your land titles.You can be rest assured that you are getting the correct titles for your land.

  • Serene Environment – Living in an estate saves you from the stress of living around busy streets with air and noise pollution. Some estate companies provide a proper structural layout of the estate. Having street lights, children’s playground, perimeter fencing, gate house etc. 

  • Network – Since estates are perceived with more value than regular lands, they attract high-income earners. Living in an estate gives you an opportunity to network with other influential individuals.

While there are some disadvantages to owning a land in an estate, many who have both would agree that having an estate land increases your status.
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