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Land Grabbers: How to Protect Your Land From Land Trespassers

Dear land buyer,
Simply verifying the legitimacy of a land and making full payments doesn’t guarantee ownership of the land. Following the tips below would help to save you from the stress of struggling with a trespasser later.

  • Perfect Your Title – We’ve seen land buyers settling with only a contract of sale, receipts and allocation letters. While they are proof of a land purchase, they don’t completely guarantee security on a land. A smart trespasser could obtain a CofO and claim ownership of your land. Get your Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment and then process your CofO.  Know the required title for your property and keep them secured.
  • Claim Possession of Your Land – Physical presence of an owner of a piece of land could include fencing, arranged blocks, sands and other construction activities. It’s important to start one of those activities immediately on your land to avoid encroachment even though you plan to resell it in the future.
  • Install Signage – Installing signs such as not for sale or beware of 419 could help to deter trespassers and raise awareness about the property’s ownership status.


  • Regular Monitor – Regularly visit the property to monitor its condition and ensure that there are no signs of encroachment or unauthorized activities. Ask neighbors to keep an eye on your property and report any suspicious activity immediately to the local authorities.


  • Secure Legal Documents- Safeguard all legal documents related to the land purchase. Keep copies of title documents, survey plans, and other relevant papers in a secure location, and consider having digital backup.

Though buying family owned properties and from private individuals poses more risk, it is always helpful to apply these tips even when buying from a legitimate real estate company.