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Dive Into Prosperity By Investing In Real Estate In Nigeria

One of the surest investment opportunities in the world is investment in
real estate. Nigeria is not an exception as real estate is a wonderful
investment opportunity in Nigeria. The numerous benefits of investing in
real estate in Nigeria cannot be captured in one single blog post.

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Below Are Some Advantages of Investing in Real Estate In Nigeria.
Advantages Of Investing In The Nigerian Real Estate Market

estate properties continues to increase, the value of this properties
continues to rise. All through the ages, real estate investment
continues to be the most stable investment with property value
consistently rising over time. A land bought for one million naira today
will appreciate to between 5-10 million naira in the next few years. If
you are intentional about growing your wealth in the long term then
you need to consider investing in real estate in Nigeria.

2- A MEANS OF PASSIVE INCOME – Another reason to invest in real
estate is that is a source of passive income. Imagine owing different
units of residential and commercial properties. You`ll be getting paid
every month and every year which is a steady stream of income for
you. Most real estate investors in Nigeria rely on the rental income to
cover their living expenses. Since having units of apartments for rents
does not require much time for management, you can spend your
time on other business that you have while you enjoy a steady flow
of income from your real estate investments. Isn`t that cool?

3- Multiple Uses – Another benefits of investing in real estate is the fact
that a property can be utilized for multiple purposes. If you have a
land, you can use it for agriculture, or to build a house. If you have a
house, you can either utilize it for commercial or residential purposes.
In other cases, a property can have mixed use. It can be used for both
a residential and commercial purposes.
The flexibility of real estate properties in Nigeria allows the real estate
investor to adapt to changing market conditions and make the best
use of his property for the most returns. When there are more
demands for residential properties, a smart real estate investor can
convert his already existing property to residential property and vice
versa. In this way the investor will get a steady income stream instead
of relaying on a single use of his property.

4- The Ability To Control Your Investments – Other forms of investments
like cryptocurrency and forex are very volatile and subject to market
fluctuations. This means that an investor in these markets have no
control over their investments. As a real estate investor in Nigeria, you
have a degree of control over your investment. One benefit of
investing in real estate is that you have the authority to control how
much a tenant will pay for your residential or commercial property.
You can also dictate the price you`ll sell for landed properties for. Real
estate investments can be passed on to other generations. In this way
future generation will be able to manage and control the assets
inherited by them from their forefathers. By means of control you can
achieve financial independence and build wealth using the properties
you own.

5- Leverage – Another benefits of real estate investments in Nigeria is
the ability to leverage the asset to increase returns. Other investment
requires you to pay the full amount upfront but real estate can be
purchased with a down payment. This gives you the power to control
an investment with just a small amount of cash. If you are looking to
grow your wealth through real estate then leveraging real estate is a
sure way for you to do so. Leveraging real estate is risky so you will
need to carefully evaluate your investment opportunities before
making the buy decision. It would also be a course of wisdom to
consult with a professional realtor that can guide you through the
entire process ion other to make the best possible decision.

6- Immovable Asset – A benefit of property investment is that your
investment has physical value and it can be seen and touched. In this
way, you get a sense of security and stability with regards to your real
estate investments. As a real estate investor, you have the sense of
pride that goes with being a land or home owners. This type of pride
is not present in other types of investments.

7- A Hedge Against Inflation – The rising cost of living also affects real
estate investments. As the prices of things increase so does the cost
of rents and property value. If you want to hedge against inflation,
then invest in real estate in Nigeria. In Nigeria, many investors resort
to real estate as the surest way to protect their portfolio from inflation
and market volatility.

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Time will fail us if we continue to list out the countless benefits of real
estate investing in Nigeria. You have nothing t lose if you follow the advice
and guidance of a professional realtor. Abilogun Mishael is the CEO of
realturr.com. He is a professional realtor and will help you make the most
profitable real estate investment decision.