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Planning to move to Delta State’s capital city- Asaba?
Whether you plan to relocate with your family or looking to spend some vacation in this city, here are 5 reasons to live in Asaba.


Asaba ranks as one of the most secure cities in Nigeria. Thanks to the large presence of a well-trained, adequately staffed police force, criminal activities are contail.  There are few to no cases of riots, cultist activities, armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and many others.

Residents can go about their daily activities without fear of hoodlums harassing them. Police respond promptly to distress calls.
Unlike surrounding cities with sit-at-home curfews, Asaba’s residents freely work all days of the week without fear of being caught in political tensions.

The Delta State Government completely controls the city, free from Herdman’s Clashes or Boko-Haram activities affecting certain parts of the country.
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Unlike other major cities in Nigeria, where commuters spend up to hours in traffic or wake up earlier than usual to escape traffic jams, Asaba has a good road network with well-organized traffic control systems that enable the free flow of movement within the city.

There is no such thing as spending hours in traffic or returning home late because of traffic jams. The free flow of traffic in Asaba contributes to healthy work environments and lower stress levels among the residents of this beautiful city.


This city doesn’t shy off from infrastructural developments. Most of the streets in the delta-state capital territory are tarred with street lights and traffic signs on the major roads. The famous Stephen Keshi Stadium and Maryam Babangida Pleasure Park offer residents the opportunity to have fun and exercise.   

Other infrastructures that contribute to the beauty of this area include the Asaba International Airport, Dennis Osadebay University, Ultra-Modern Auto-mechanic Village, etc.

Basic facilities like schools, parks, hospitals, and shops are easily accessible from any part of the city.


Though this is an Igbo-populated city, Asaba is sometimes referred to as a ‘no man’s land’ to show how non-indigenes are made to feel at home here. Residents can share diverse viewpoints which creates stronger work environments.

The people here are generally mannered and responsible citizens. 
A great place to raise a family as there isn’t much negative influence among the youths as compared to other parts of the state.


Thanks to the ongoing infrastructural developments in this city, Asaba has witnessed an influx of foreign and local investors. 
Apart from white-collar jobs in this city, businesses are thriving in the following industries:

  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Transportation.
  • Food and Hospitality

The stable political and economic condition of the city has contributed to the increased population in this part of the country. This population increase has opened opportunities for real estate investments and food and hospitality businesses. 

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Arguably Asaba is one of the best places to live in Nigeria.
Though the cost of living in Asaba is considerable high compared to other cities in Delta state, the status and benefits with living in the capital territory is far outweights the cost of living.

Just like many major cities, Asaba offers both the affluent and modest to enjoy different standards of living. Experience a vibrant, peaceful and lively environment in Asaba.

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