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best place to invest in Asaba

Asaba the capital of Delta State is a great place for real estate investment. Unsurprisingly, this peaceful city has become a prime location for real estate developers and foreign investors.
Asaba is projected to be one of the top 3 places for real estate investments in Nigeria

This article will help real estate investors discover the best places to invest in Asaba real estate sector to maximize their investments within the shortest time.

IBUSA – The Promising Property Hotspot

Ibusa tops the list as the best place for real estate investment in Asaba. It is mostly considered a part of Asaba because of its proximity to the state capital and easy access to different locations like Okpanam and Benin-Asaba Expressway.

Two factors that have Influenced the development of this area are rapid infrastructural development and governmental initiatives. The present Government administration of Delta State has linked up a bypass road from the Benin-Asaba Expressway to the Ibusa Expressway allowing the free flow of movement that has aided development within the area.

There are other notable governmental presence in this area such as the:


Ibusa offers great land banking opportunities for investors as it has the most affordable estates in Asaba compared to other locations.

A 464 sqm or 100X50ft plot of land is sold around ₦1m to ₦7m within Ibusa. It is projected that a plot of land measuring 464 sqm or 100x50ft would be sold for ₦10m-₦20m within the next 2-3 years within this location.

What would lead to such appreciation?
It is almost impossible to get a plot of virgin land within the main city of Asaba. There would be a great demand for land for business and residential purposes close to the capital territory to satisfy the growing population of the city.

Just as Ibeju-Lekki is to Lagos so would Ibusa be to Asaba.

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ISSELE – AZAGBA – The Low-Cost Residential Neighbourhood

Once considered an outskirt, Issele-Azagba is one of the best places to invest in Asaba. It is an emerging location within the capital territory of Delta State. It’s about about 7 minutes drive from the Asaba International Airport. Housing here is cheaper compared to other locations. 

This area has basic amenities like a bank, school, hospitals, hotels, marketplaces, and a good road network.
Real estate investors and land buyers are buying into this location because of its cultural heritage, volume of real estate activities, and population.

There is a demand for adequate and cheap housing around the capital territory so investors who focus on affordable housing projects can capitalize on this increasing market while also meeting a significant social need.

OKPANAM Road – The Work, Leisure Area

Okpanam Road is a prime location with premium office spaces, hotels, nightclubs, shopping malls, cinemas, banks, and schools.  A 50 by 100 in Okpanam Asaba may be expensive for land banking investors. Even though Land for sale in Okpanam Asaba may not be ideal for land banking purposes, it creates a demand for modern retail complexes and shopping malls.

Investors can take advantage of this opportunity to invest in office spaces, warehouses, retail stores, etc.  Some innovative investors are converting office spaces into co-working spaces, getting a joint venture deal with landlords to renovate their shops, and getting an agreed x amount of rent within a period.

Investors who take advantage of this opportunity can benefit from rental income as well as long-term capital appreciation. 

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ANWAI ROAD TO UGBOLU – The Growing Phase of Asaba

Anwai Road is home to the famous Miriam Babangida Pleasure Park, Ibori Golf Club, Ministry of Water Resources, Dennis Osadebay University, and many other notable landmarks.

7 minutes drive from the Dennis Osadebay University is Ugbulu. Though certain areas of this location are prone to flooding, it has witnessed fast real estate developments because of its proximity to the Dennis Osadebay University and Faith Academy. Teachers and students alike would need affordable housing near their school and the choice location as become Ugbulu.

There is a proposed road that would link Ugbulu to Okpanam. Once that development has been carried out, it would increase the values of properties around this axis and more population would be driven towards this area.

Ugbolu offers great land banking opportunities for real estate investors as lands are relatively cheaper compared to other areas of Asaba. A plot of 464 sqm or 100×50 is sold for 1.5m to 3m within this location.

OTULU – The Landbanking Area

Otulu is a 10-minute drive from the Asaba International Airport. Though not part of the capital territory, this area is gaining attention because the lands here are very cheap compared to other locations, and it is a link road to major communities like Edo-Ogwashi-Uku, Issele-Azagba, and Asaba.

Real estate Investors can seize this opportunity to buy cheap land for sale in Asaba for long-term land banking opportunities as this is a promising location.

When it comes to real estate investment in Asaba Delta State, choosing the right locations is key to maximizing returns. While this article has given investors insights into the best places to invest in Asaba real estate sector, investors should physically inspect their lands, and work with reputable real estate professionals to make an informed decision.

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